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Citrine + Clay Co.

New Beginnings 2024 Collection

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Kick off or reset your start to the new year of 2024 with the returning scent, New Beginnings! Blended with clean fragrance oil scents of Champagne + Cashmere for a clean, sparkling, and smooth scent!


Available in several sizes and products, with or without pyrite crystals.

Candles: 3.4 oz (mini size), 7 oz (standard size), 13 oz (largest size), + wax melts (2 oz). Coconut soy wax and fragrance oil.

Bath Salts: Epsom salts, dead sea salt, sodium bicarbonate (emulsifier), + dried heather flowers. Available in 3oz single use tube and 9 oz bags.

Room/Linen Sprays: distilled water, witch hazel, polysorbate 20 (emulsifier), fragrance oil

Car Diffusers: biodegradable/phthalate free diffuser base, fragrance oil