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Citrine & Clay Co.

Starter Crystal Kit

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Mini Set Includes:

• Citrine - Commonly known stone for abundance and prosperity. Good for manifestation, overall happiness, and success.

• Rose Quartz - Stone of unconditional love. Good for healing relationships and emotions, especially with oneself.

• Amethyst - The "all purpose stone" for anxiety, meditation, healing, recovery, and higher consciousness.

• Clear Quartz - Master amplification and healing crystal. Known for having high vibrational energy and ability to magnify intentions and traits.

• Smoky Quartz - Used for grounding and gaining clarity.


Standard Set also includes:

• Red Jasper - Good for promoting energy and stamina. Also boosts confidence and assists in grounding.

• Green Aventurine - Promotes optimism and positive outlooks, while assisting in breaking negative cycles and old habits.

• Black Obsidian - Wards off and protects from negative energies. Helps to uncover and heal past traumas.

• Selenite - Clears negative energies, increases positive emotions, heals emotional wounds, and provides peace and clarity.

• Sodalite - Promotes logic and rationality in overly emotional times and people. Aids in intuition and in trusting your own judgement while assisting with communication.


*You will receive five or ten tumbled crystals ranging from 0.5"-1.5" in a small muslin bag.